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Do we charge for a trip charge?
We do not charge for local estimates, but for travels over 20 miles we charge a fee of $35.00.

Do I need to vacuum before you clean my carpets?
No, that is included in our services. We do a thorough corner-to-corner pre-vacuum before we treat and clean.

Can you get coffee, wine and pet stains out?
Yes to all! For pet stains, we use two different products. For coffee stains, we can get most regular coffee stains out, but decaf coffee stains are much harder to get out. We can lift most wine stains, but like coffee we cannot guarantee that the stain won’t return.

What kind of equipment do you use?
We use something called El Diablo, which has a diesel heater and 15 lbs of vacuum, allowing us to use less water and helps expedite the drying process.

What’s a typical dry time?
Our dry time typically takes between four to six hours. If the weather is nice, we recommend leaving windows open or using fans, which will help expedite the drying process. During the winter, we suggest using a space heater.

How long before we can put furniture back on our carpets?
You can put most furniture back right away. We recommend leaving on the styrofoam blocks until the carpet is completely dry. Putting back furniture with metal on the bottom will rust your carpet, and wood furniture will stain the carpet, which is a stain we cannot remove.

How long before I can put furniture back on to my hardwood floors?
If there’s polish on the floor, we recommend walking on the floor wearing socks two hours after cleaning. We suggest waiting 24 hrs to put furniture back, and area rugs can be placed back after 72 hours. This is to prevent scratches or marks on the floors.

Can I walk on the clean tiles right away?
Yes you can and you can also put your furniture back in its place.

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